#180 & 181. Sign Up for Two Races (Please join me???)

I do realize this  seems  stupid, but I read up on it and I think it's going to be just fine. (Sorry in advance, Dad.)

I do realize this seems stupid, but I read up on it and I think it's going to be just fine. (Sorry in advance, Dad.)

Have I ever mentioned how much I despise running? Always have. I'm the only person I know who actually trained for the mile run in grade school because I was so embarrassed about my slothy time. AND YET, I still finished damn near last. I am a horribly slow runner. This has always humiliated me. Not embarrassed. Humiliated

I've tried to combat this fear of running many times. I've done a few 5Ks, a Warrior Dash (there was mud, fire and electrocution involved! Never again!) and even a 50K relay race a few years ago in Door County (absolutely gorgeous). Running on my own is sometimes okay, but in a race setting, ugh. My running friends swap stories about their kills (you know, when you pass people in a race). I, on the other hand, was once passed by a 40-year-old man running with a six-year-old on his shoulders. I'm not kidding. It happened at the Lumberjack Days 5K a few years ago. It's such a buzzkill being the last of your friends to cross the finish line... especially when you realize not only have they already obtained their post-race beer, but they are almost done drinking it. 

My slowness is frustrating. 

I used to believe my tortoise-like pace meant I was simply an out of shape wimp, even though I've literally exercised regularly for my entire life. Since starting CrossFit almost a year ago, I prove to myself that I am no wimp multiple times a week. Maybe running is just not my jam. However, the mental & physical toughness I've acquired via living out this blog has made me reconsider. So, I signed up for two very different races. I've learned that committing to something is often much scarier than actually doing it (I especially hope that is true in both of these cases).

Race #1: The Great Bull Run.

I'd never do the actual running of the bulls in Pamploma. I'm not insane! However, this version in Elk River, Minnesota just got my $50 (+ a $13 added insurance fee). The beyonce signed up, too. 

If you watch the video, you'll think I'm nuts. But if you read the finer print on their website, it's a little less dramatic. Did that help ease your anxiety? Maybe? Just a little? 

The best part of this run is that it's short (.25 miles) and I will be getting chased [kinda] by a few 1,500-pound bulls... so that's some major incentive to kick it into high gear. 

Does this race sound appealing to you at all?

Great, then you should join me.

I'm putting a Hey Eleanor team together & will be running at noon on Saturday, May 10th. Register here. Yes, I am inviting you, friend/family member/perfect stranger to face your fears and run with me. Once you've registered, email me [heyeleanorproject [at] gmail [dot] com] so I know to look for ya. 

Race #2: Rock N' River Trail Run

More proof that fear is subjective: Trying to outrun 1,500-pound bulls some how sounds less scary than partaking in a 10K trail run. 

I should just point out that I have never done a 10K race, nor a trail race. From what I understand, a trail race is just a regular running race, but on rocky, uneven, potentially wet, muddy and steep paths in the woods. Fun! (?)

I've attempted to rationalize why I think this might actually be a good experience for me. First, I actually like hiking/running/walking in the woods. It's pretty and you're not worried about getting hit by a car (I guess you could get eaten by a bear, but I digress). Plus, I think my biggest hurdle with running is the general boringness. How can you be bored when you're trying not to trip and sprain your ankle?! And a 10K is really only two 5Ks back-to-back, right?

Are you afraid of 10Ks, too? Great, sign up to run with me (or more accurately, probably pass me with a kid on your shoulders). There is also a 5K option if that's more your speed. You can register here. When it asks you if you'd like to join a team, write "Hey Eleanor!" in the provided field. 

Again, once you've registered, email me [heyeleanorproject [at] gmail [dot] com] so I know to look for ya.

Last thing = T-shirts.

Would you wear an awesome Hey Eleanor! t-shirt for the race if I had some made? Would you maybe consider buying one even if you weren't running, just for the hell of it? LMK, amigos!